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Friday, 18 May 2012

What do you want from me?

All what I ask from you is to put things into context and you will get me
It is so easy to make me happy, with food and shelter, and some company I meet
Over the days and weeks, and maybe some chocolate for a treat
But all that I ask is, I was told
Imposible to behold
As it requires a refusal
Of a life-style, a routine, that is no longer viable, but functional
I ask you, pray, you have seen the errors of your way
Yet, prejudice and greed sit beside you and may
Bring destruction to hopes of our coexistence
Why do you feed your fire regardless?

Come, come to me, come to the water and find your peace

Where Eternal Life is ours for the taking, and trust in the truth;
Darkness and Light here are mere impressions of Death and Rebirth
So, come, come to me,
But don't forget to bring chocolate with ye!

Inspired by Coleridge and a number of recent dreams...
(I wake up with no chocolate nor peace of mind...)