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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blogging For the First Time in Ages!

Well, it has been a few years since I enjoyed the freedom to rant, publicly!
It is amazing that regardless of the number of topics one could write about, very few words seem to want to be written. This part of the brain that thinks and creates seems to, unfortunately, be alienated from that that forms the actual sentences - and even speech, sometimes. I wonder if many bilingual and multilingual people share this dilemma.
This does not, generally speaking, pose as a serious problem, as long as I can "communicate" a thought to others. I seem to have always treated language as a set of symbols, it being music, science, maths or in fact any form of communication. Is good, no?!
However, saying that, translating a piece of work already written by another person does not seem to follow the same suit. That part of the brain that digests the concepts from the source document - or audiovisual - seems to be in alliance with that that works out the fingers on the keyboard!
At the end of the day, and while posing as a translator, one aids the transformation of text from one set of symbols to another, rendering the experience most satisfying! Well, basically, just to posses the ability to break the code and rewrite concepts is a hell of an achievement, which I am mostly proud of.