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Monday, 11 June 2012

Life is a Roller Coaster... At Least From Where I Stand

Argh... Things just keep on happening, or not happening, depending on how you're looking at it at the time of the event...
I wonder how people generally cope. I mean, a normal human being would react, would have a some sort of an inclination to shake, cry, shout, be illogical, be hysterical, become introverted, or just go in shock. Some would probably just ride it through awaiting the next ride. Either way, PTSD seems to be the end product.
It's like going on an actual roller coaster ride and getting all this adrenaline. When the ride is over, you've got two choices; either go on yet another ride, or move on until you find yourself on another roller coaster ride anyway. With the first option, you would keep generating a "satisfactory" amount of adrenaline that would keep you going with whatever emotion and expression you're encountering or experiencing at the time. However, if you step off, which is the second option, you would have to encounter the adrenaline "come down" before the next "high". This latter might be more terrifying than the first. You would have to face some dark demons which reside within you. They would start undermining your judgments, character and deeds. They would criticise your every move and would remind you with the past and may show you a future that you may not like. Then, you would have to fend them off, try and corner them as they tried to corner you. You would lash at them, and may sometimes agree with the points they are making. They might even form an alliance, join forces and go for a coup.
The more times this happens - and in the occasion of you being successful in fending off the nastiness, with whatever weapon you've reserved for these special occasions - the stronger you become, "like the skin on the drum (Spearhead)".
Regardless, this all remains a ride on the roller coater of life, brought to you by our sponsors;
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  • Mindless advertisements and news, topped with the most innovative techniques of mind control
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  • Oppression and prejudice, our promise to you remains solid
  • Suppressants, we shall take away your fears and past... Huzza for dreamless nights. 
I conclude this with a short animation from James Lee, a very talented animations maker (music by Hania Lee).

Watch Tarboy (my favourite so far!) and other animations by James Lee here

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