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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Geek Points... The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth... Or Is It "The Obsessive Compulsive"?

I had a lovely time last night with some friends, drinking and chatting... It is amazing how many topics you can cover in a short period of time, yet, at the same instance, manage to connect all those topics in a some sort of a loop, which gives you a sense of security, or is it achievement, or possibly just the satisfaction of being able to conclude the night with no loose ends!
At some point we were talking about 70s & 80s sci-fi films, following a chat on "reality check" modern advancements into the field of planetary travel for "tourists". It's becoming more apparent that our world is moving rapidly into "real" fiction! However, saying that, this requires a huge sums of money, sums that don't exist and shall never exist except on computer screens and bank statements. That's all what those sums are; numbers. They relate to no actual substance, no tangible real assets, not even gold. Well, the amount of gold accessible in the world at the moment does not reflect the "wealth" portrayed in those numbers, not to mention the other "numbers" which reflect the inflation in the various markets.
Anyway, back to sci-fi and that, one of us pointed out that everyone, absolutely everyone has "Geek Points".

Bearded Man: Everyone is obsessed about something. Some would go in depth into computers and IT, some into a specific genre of films or novels, and some others into collecting things, like stamps, coins, cardboard, stickers, cards, empty Pringles containers, and so on.

Collapsable-bike-er: Well, I suppose, this sort of thing is quite trendy in Metropolis!

Bearded Man: Ah... Geek Chic!

This leads me to thoughts on OCD and how much people totally and utterly stupidly - please excuse the expression, but it's bloody well true - misunderstand and undermine the severity of this disorder.
I agree with lots of people, out there, who are pissed off with how "trendy" the term OCD have become. If someone seems to show the slightest tendency to react to items not being in the "right" place or not conforming to a certain pattern, they go something like; "OMG, I'm so OCD" as if it is a fun fact about them. It's really disturbing how much those can connect to others with similar thoughts on the matter, as it is the subject of the day. If you've got OCD, then you are a wow or a trendy nurd. Well, ... NO! ... If you really have OCD, the disorder that is, you would be shaking or going into fits in a corner of the room because you have just witnessed a crime against pattern or an open door, or even a pubic hair in the bath tub.
It is a damn serious disorder that hits a portion of the population on varied degrees. It happens when your neurone signals go into overload with certain triggers and your brain just can't administer a simple "pull-out" mechanism, which enables one to let go.
Some would have created a new path for those signals so to be able to generate a varient reaction to fits or relapse. Some would just verbalise their findings - in some cases, mis-contempt - and just get on with their lives as if nothing happened. Some others would still have to change the circumstances of their findings so to be able to get on with their lives. It is basically like taming down the compulsive part of the equation and finding alternate means to express the obsessive part.
There is also the fact that lots of people could be classified or termed as compulsive and others as obsessive. Those would not have OCD as in, they would not have the combined neurological reaction to triggers, and would certainly not have a disorder, but more of an annoying - sometimes useful - character traits!

This takes me back to GEEKS. If you put both OCD and GEEK in the same baskit, you would trigger an explosion of stupid remarks from people who want to be seen as trendy. Being a Geek or having OCD is not necessarily fun or hilarious. These people cannot generally connect to those others who so want to be trendy. For once, those who are not real geeks - or don't admit to having real geek points - and those who are "OMG, I'm so OCD" actually only function as parasites that feed on what is "trendy" in social networks. Who bloody controls those?

Anyway, being a geek is really being obsessive about something or another. You would be so good at that thing you obsess about that you become a master, a wiz, a head full of info, but, you may also be a risk of turning into a social freak, a nurd, disconnected from society, especially if you are an IT guy!

I conclude this rant with, The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth... Not the Meek... My reasoning being;
1. All real geeks are really good at what they are geeky about
2. Collectively, they posses the know-how towards survival after a major earthly disaster
3. They have the capacity to destroy the world as we know it - which I am all in favour of
4. Although point 3 is valid, they would not choose to do so unless being driven by a real trigger, an ultimatum, or an attack on an idol or god-like figure (think Assange and you've got a real and very recent example to support point 4)

There you have it!